Pelican’s Picks of the Week!

We’re in for a treat, Pat has not only picked one but 4 books she recommends this week.

First, and very expectedly “The Help” is flying off shelves as everyone is rushing to read it before the movie premiers this weekend.  “The Help” is an uplifting story set during the nascent civil rights movement in Jackson, Miss., where black women were trusted to raise white children but not to polish the household silver. Eugenia Skeeter Phelan is just home from college in 1962, and begins to collect the stories of the black women on whom raise the children and do the household chores of the country club types.

Pat also recommends, George R.R. Martin’s new hardback “A Dance With Dragons,” “Beach Trees” by Karen White and “Burnt Mountain” by Anne Rivers Siddons are all popular in the bookstore this week.

If none of these caught your attention, stop in the bookstore and get a personalized suggestion from Pat, Anne or Suzanne.


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