Sunset Beach Gets New Kiosk About Bird Island

On March 22nd at 11am the Bird Island Preservation Society will unveil it’s latest project to raise awareness about the unique paradise that is Bird Island. They have gifted the town of Sunset Beach with an information kiosk that will be on display in the gazebo parking area giving directions and information about Bird Island and it’s history.

The kiosk will tell visitors to walk approximately 1.2 miles west down the beach until they reach Bird Island which stretches for another 1.4 miles. The kiosk also has information about the island’s birds, animals and plant life, as well as the conservation efforts to preserve Bird Island as a Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

The hope is that this sign will not only encourage visitors to take the walk down to Bird Island but to also increase awareness about preservation and conservation efforts taking place to keep such a special place around for years to come.

Bird Island


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  1. Melinda Wilson

    This is great. I look forward to checking it out when I come down this summer