Who Doesn’t Love Wine (And Strawberries)?

Strawberry and Wine Festival

As you may have already heard, Silver Coast Winery along with the Old Bridge Preservation Society is hosting the First Annual Strawberry and Wine Festival on Saturday May 4th. The event also has several sponsors (including Pelican Bookstore) and the proceeds from the festival will go toward the projects of the Old Bridge Preservation Society.

The event will run from noon until 6 pm and has a $5 admission.  The event will be a fun afternoon-there will be six hours of music from the Imitations, a chance to meet Marybeth Whalen (author of “The Mailbox” and numerous other novels) a dance contest, live dancing lessons, juried vendors, and an art show amongst all of the activity. There will be strawberry shortcakes, food and drink, and BBQ, Chicken Stew, and pork barbeque for sale as well. You can find more details about the event on our events calendar or on Silver Coast Winery’s website.

Here is a video of Anne Bockelman, of the Old Bridge Preservation Society, being interviewed by ATMC  about the festival. Don’t miss this great event, because really who doesn’t love strawberries and wine (and books)?


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