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Valerie Tripp Tea Party Video

We were so lucky to have Valerie Tripp here to visit and join us for a tea party, and even better we have a wonderful video capturing all of the special moments from that afternoon! Watch the video and see all the fun the girls (and their dolls) had at the tea party. 


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Valerie Tripp at Pelican Bookstore

We just wanted to give a big thanks to Valerie Tripp, author of several American Girl books, and everyone who came to our tea party at Backstreet Cafe! It was a big success and we sold out of tickets! Everyone had a great time and several dolls came to the party too! Here are a couple of photos from the event.

Valerie Tripp 1Valerie Tripp 2Valerie Tripp 3

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Tea and Cookies with Valerie Tripp

Do you take your tea with one lump or two? We’re having a tea party for Valerie Tripp author of several of the American Girl book series on Saturday, July 20th at 3pm! You’re invited to join us at the Back Street Cafe for tea and cookies with the author, dolls are invited too! Bring your daughters and let them meet the woman behind Kit, Felicity, Molly, Josefina, and more!

The cost for admission is $5 and it includes tea and cookies. Backstreet Cafe is located at 1780-4 Chandler’s Ln., Sunset Beach. (Just a few doors down from Pelican Bookstore!) If you have any questions or need more information about the event call the bookstore at 910-579-8770. We’ll see you there!

Valerie Tripp American Girl Author July 20th Pelican Bookstore

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