Great Gifts Ideas

Need a souvenir for your friends or family back home? We’ve got some great ideas for you!

“Sunset Beach: A History” by Jacqueline DeGroot and Miller Pope is a detailed history of how Sunset Beach came to be.  The book explores everything from scandals, rumors, land deals and the dealings of a small town on the brink of expansion. The book has beautiful images taken by and edited by renown illustrator Miller Pope. This book will make you want to come back to the beach each time you pick it up.




If you’ve got some little ones you need a gift for, we’ve got tons of children’s books and toys. Pirates have been big this summer with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the discovery of Blackbeard’s anchor is Morehead City earlier in the year. We’ve got pirate books, pirate toys, pirate puzzles. Come on in and get some great gifts for your favorite kids!


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