Pelican’s Pick of the Week

Turtles are hatching!!  Our turtle patrol people and visitors are excited.  The sea turtles are starting to hatch maybe a little early because of the hot weather we have been having.  If you want to share the turtle story with your children, the best picture book for adults and children is “Turtle Summer” by Mary Alice Monroe and illustrator Barbara Bergwerf. If you would like a copy give us a call and we’ll send it out the next day.  It’s the best turtle book out there.

If you saw the movie “The Help” and loved it…read the book.  It’s terrific; if you haven’t seen the movie, see it.  They have done a great job in bringing the book alive.

Patti Callahan Henri ‘s new book was released this week, I read it and enjoyed it very much.  If you like Dorothea Benton Frank, Mary Alice Monroe or Karen White you’re going to love this new book called “Coming Up For Air.”


One of my favorite places to go on line to hear about upcoming books and reviews is Books on the Nightstand.  Check it out they have a website, blog and podcast, all are very informative.



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2 responses to “Pelican’s Pick of the Week

  1. Thank you, Pelican Books! It’s been a busy turtle summer all along the eastern coast. Nest numbers are up! My love to you all.
    Mary Alice Monroe