Pelican’s Pick of the Week

We’ve had a beautiful week here weather wise, temps were perfect for yard work and beach reading.  Hope all our friends to the north were as lucky as we were with Hurricane Irene.  Now we’re watching T.S. Katia, Tis the season!!


Debbie Macomber has released the 11th in her Cedar Cove Series that has been a popular story line “1105 Yakima Street”. Dick Cheney’s new book “In My Time” is on the shelf and has been seen on all the TV talk shows.  I’ll let you know what our readers are saying next week.


What we’re looking forward to: Nicholas Sparks  “The Best of Me “ due out in October 11, Lee Childs new Reacher  novel “The Affair”  out September 27, and Vince Flynn has a new novel “Kill Shot” Nov. 7.


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