Pelican’s Pick of the Week

Everyone here is watching Irene tearing up the Bahamas.  We hope all will be well here. At this time we plan on being open our regular hours.  However, we will close if we feel the slightest uneasy.

Jeffrey Archer will release his new novel on Tuesday.  If you haven’t read any of his books, let us suggest “The Prisoner of Birth”.  One of the best written books in many years.  His new title is “Only Time Will Tell”   We plan to read it this weekend and will let you know.  Can’t wait.


Kathy Reichs has a new one out called “Flash and Bones”.  The TV  series  “Bones” on FOX-TV is based on this series.  Have it to read this weekend, too.  These storms give us an opportunity to get ahead in our reading so that we can tell you the best books!!



Also out this week Dick Cheney’s Memoir, and a new fast read by James Patterson.


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