Jenny’s Two Pennies: Kristy Woodson Harvey is My New Favorite Southern Fiction Writer


Slightly South of Simple

Kristy Harvey’s books always introduce me to a family that I know I am going to love. In her latest book, I met Ansley, mother to three grown daughters-Caroline, Emerson, and Sloane. They each are returning to their childhood beach home in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia with secrets in tow. With a beautiful setting, this story uncovers memories, some sweet and some painful. What emerges is betrayal, lost love, and tragedy, which ultimately leads this family to forgiveness, redemption, and the possibility of future happiness and healing.

The first book in this compelling series leaves me longing for the next installment. Kristy Woodson Harvey is the new southern fiction writer who is quickly becoming a favorite of many.


Jenny Collins Belk


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Pelican Bookstore Signing Kristy Harvey Woodson



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9 responses to “Jenny’s Two Pennies: Kristy Woodson Harvey is My New Favorite Southern Fiction Writer

  1. Delighted to see Jenny here! She’s a jewel and beloved in the reading community!

  2. Nicole Waggoner

    Great work, Jenny!!!

  3. Completely agree, this was such a great book!

  4. Loved your review and your new blog.

  5. Great review Jenny! Congrats on your blog, looking forward to reading more! Love Kristy Woodson Harvey and her new book sounds amazing!

  6. Judi Burns

    WTG Jenny! I look forward to readying more of what you will share. Thank you for introducing me to a new (to me) author. I love Southern reads!

  7. Melanie House Mullen

    Congrats Jenny, always like your informative reviews! 🤓😎🌝

  8. Jenny,

    THANK YOU for your review and sweet thoughts about Slightly South of Simple. You are a champion in the bookish world and I’m honored to call you a friend. Thanks again!

    PS: SO thrilled to hear this news about your blog- Jenny’s Two Pennies will be a huge success, I predict!